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What Makes Us Different

Lessons That Extend Beyond The Classroom

All of our kickboxing classes promote discipline and respect: both for one's self and for others.  Though the physical aspect of kickboxing and the spirit of P.U.M.A. Martial Arts, we are sure you will find improvements in many areas of your life - not just in the training hall!

We find that children and young people in particular benefit from this.  Our children's kickboxing classes are specifically design to promote confidence and self-respect so that your child has the right tools to become the role model that others seek to emulate.  We can help your child excel in school, excel in sports and excel in kickboxing with the best children's martial arts classes in Chelmsford.

Stimulating Social Events

We're not like other martial arts schools.  When you join us you will also be joining a the P.U.M.A. community.  With a wide network of schools across the U.K., you'll make a great new circle of friends with a shared interest.  P.U.M.A. supports these friendships by arranging lots of "extra-curricular" activities throughout the year, including social gatherings, camps and friendly tournaments.  If you're looking for a way to meet great new people and enjoy real quality time, then we offer the best martial arts classes Chelmsford has!

We Cater For All

From the young and fit to the old and not-so-fit, we have something for you.  Whether you are looking to develop your training to join P.U.M.A.'s very successful elite squad or whether you are looking for a more exciting way to get fit while meeting new people, our classes are accessible for all ages and abilities.

We know that families are stronger when they have a shared interest.  This is why our club doesn't just accept family memberships - we actively encourage it!  We offer one of the most generous family discounts in Essex, which allows families to enjoy something together and support each other without worrying about the cost.  Many members of P.U.M.A. are family groups who are amazed by the difference it can make to come training together, work as a team and enjoy each others' successes.

Regardless of age or ability, every member can progress and develop at their own rate, so Mums and Dads are free to challenge themselves at a higher pace, while sons and daughters take things a little slower and steadier – not to mention developing their skills and fitness in a safe environment where they’re always in your line of sight!

A Safe Environment

Our extensive policy goes further than almost any other organisation. We have a dedicated Child Protection team, ensuring that the safety of our students is paramount.  All our instructors are black belts, DBS (CRB) checked, fully insured and trained in First Aid.  There is no safer place to train martial arts in Chelmsford!

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